The gift of jewellery has always been an enduring symbol to mark significant life events – from 21st birthdays to engagements, the birth of a baby to wedding anniversaries. Perhaps now, more than ever, a special piece of jewellery may be the most suitable way to celebrate when big parties are not feasible and distance […]

Currently, engagement ring design is reflecting a trend towards greater personal expression. While the classic Round Brilliant cut is still the most popular choice, many more couples are choosing “fancy” shapes such as Oval, Pear and Emerald cut, and to a lesser extent, Marquise. We have seen growing interest in Oval diamonds as an alternative […]

It is important to focus on the true origin of an earth borne diamond – each a beautiful, rare natural phenomenon, individual and of truly natural provenance worthy of celebrating the significant milestones of life. A natural diamond will appreciate and be appreciated over time for its rarity – its value reflecting its unique qualities […]

Whatever the milestone event, a great piece of jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate life’s important moments. Traditionally jewellery has been the gift of choice for big occasions- big birthdays, the birth of a child, anniversaries or long anticipated retirement have been popular times for a jewellery purchase – usually from a loved one […]

Of course, a diamond does not have to be the traditional round brilliant cut in an engagement ring and can be a simple way to personalise a classic solitaire design. We are blessed with an ever increasing range of fancy shaped diamonds as the technology to cut a diamond from the rough advances. In addition […]

While the traditional six claw solitaire diamond ring is the long held favourite for many Brides to Be, you may want to choose a design that reflects your individual style or is unique and less conventional than the classic. Here are some ideas for a brilliantly individual diamond engagement ring you may not have considered…

Insurance under home and contents cover may not be possible if you are just starting out and are yet to have a property policy to attach your jewellery items to. This is particularly relevant to recently engaged couples who are often young and yet to move into their first home. It is also important to […]