Whether it is the romantic symbolism, the individuality or the feminine style of the Heart shaped diamond, this fancy cut has endured the test of time and is eternally popular especially for engagement rings.  If you would like to learn more,  your trusted jeweller will be able to show you a range of stones in […]

Due to the skill required to cut the perfect heart shaped diamond and the potential loss of rough carat weight to shape the perfect stone, Heart shaped diamonds do command a slight premium when compared to more mainstream shapes. As with any diamond, the quality of the finish, the colour and clarity grading  must also […]

Heart shaped diamonds possess 59 facets and  are based on a brilliant cutting pattern. However, unlike the uniform round brilliant cut, releasing the potential brilliance and optimal size of a heart shaped gem is left to the discretion of the cutter to choose the dimensions of the heart to achieve the highest quality diamond from […]

Often considered the most romantic of diamonds, the Heart shape may be seen as sentimental and symbolic or contemporary and highly fashionable. A Heart shaped diamond will always make a statement and is the perfect muse for the creation of an amazing jewellery design.