Since the first diamond was discovered thousands of years ago, mankind has been mesmerised by these most spectacular and precious of natural gemstones. Revered for their unmatched ability to scintillate and reflect light, their durability, rarity and earth-borne origin ensuring that they have become the most precious of gemstones to this day. The physical properties […]

The Argyle Mine in Western Australia’s East Kimberley region is Australia’s largest and most profitable diamond resource. It began production in the early 1980s and held the title of world’s largest diamond mine by volume for several years. The largest diamond found so far in Australia was mined at the Merlin Mine, Northern Territory, in […]

The hardest natural substance is the diamond. Kimberlite is a form of igneous rock that contains diamonds. The diamond itself is just a crystallised chain of carbon atoms. The tightly packed structure of the carbon chains gives the stone its remarkable toughness. Kimberlite, like other igneous rocks, was created over thousands of years by volcanic […]

Natural diamonds have been discovered in just 35 countries. Australia, Botswana, Canada, Angola, Russia, and South Africa are among the countries that produce gem quality grade diamonds. Natural diamonds can be found in two geological contexts. The majority are found in kimberlites, which are pipe-like structures formed by volcanic and tectonic action. Alluvial deposits are […]

The short answer is no. There is misinformation widely available that coal is believed to be the source of diamonds. Rarely, if ever, has coal played a role in the production of diamonds. In fact, the majority of diamonds that have been discovered and dated are actually older than the first plants on Earth, which […]