Your assurance of diamond quality, natural origin and ethical source.

A unique initiative that goes beyond the physical qualities

The Benchmark of Excellence is a unique initiative developed by Diamond Guild Australia to acknowledge the exceptional standard of a select number of diamonds personally sourced by your member jeweller for their individual spirit and integrity of origin.

Going beyond the traditional quality grading standards that reflect only the physical characteristics of a diamond, the Benchmark of Excellence acknowledges the unique intangible elements of your stone – its presence and character that cannot be simply defined by the 4 c’s.

Natural origins, ethical sources

It is your assurance that each unique diamond has been ethically procured from sources trusted by your jeweller. It carries the guarantee of blockchain protocols including the Kimberley Process ensuring its conflict free provenance is known and assured.

It is your guarantee that your diamond is of a natural origin – created by the perfect and powerful conditions deep in the earth’s core billions of years ago to be found by chance – its beauty simply perfected by skilled craftspeople to realise its fullest potential beauty – guaranteed to be free of man-made enhancements and treatments.

Nature's highest standard from Australian owned businesses

It is an endorsement that you have selected one of nature’s most pure and rarest gifts of the highest standard.

When you choose to purchase a diamond bearing the Benchmark of Excellence endorsement you are benefitting from the professional expertise of your Diamond Guild member jeweller who has personally selected each stone.

In turn you are also supporting a local Australian owned small business and an industry of jewellery artisans and designers for which we say ‘Thank you’.

Receive 12 Months Complimentary MasterCare Insurance Cover

FREE 12 months of comprehensive global insurance when you purchase your Benchmark of Excellence Diamond

In appreciation of your discerning purchase we are proud to offer 12 months of comprehensive all risk global insurance cover for the piece of jewellery containing your Benchmark of Excellence diamond. Developed exclusively to meet the insurance need for our members clientele Mastercare Insurance offers the highest level of cover for your precious items. (terms and condition apply – please refer to your jeweller for further information)

Why Choose a Benchmark of Excellence Diamond?

  • A Guarantee of 100% natural origin for your stone
  • A diamond free of manmade enhancements and artificial treatments.
  • An assurance of ethical and conflict free source
  • Peace of mind of individual and professional expert selection
  • The best of the best – only selected diamonds are chosen for the Benchmark of Excellence endorsement.
  • The X factor – Benchmark of Excellence Diamonds have been selected for their intangible presence – their liveliness, spirit and character that sets them apart.
  • A purchase that supports local small business and a world class Australian industry
  • A complimentary year of Diamond Guild Australia Mastercare Valuable items Insurance Cover in appreciation of your purchase.

Trust your diamond.