And the Winner is…

Congratulations to the following designer, Alaine Anson, who with 12.9% of the total vote (#14), took out the People’s Choice Award for 2023.  



Category: People’s Choice
Designer: Alaine Anson
Company: Stephen Dibb Jewellery
Estimated Retail Value: $42,639,304 If The Design Was To Be Made

A hand drawn rendered design finished in pencil and gouache of the conceptual design entitled ORIONID. The design features a platinum, 18ct rose gold and 22ct yellow gold necklace Inspired by the Orionid meteor shower that will pass by the earth again on the evening of 24 October 2023. At the centre is a 13.33 rough pink diamond crystal representing the comet with a cascade of natural white pear, marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds that symbolise the stars, planets and moons of our galaxy set into a waterfall of chains to the front representing the orbits of the planets. Straight falling lines of chain draping down the back reflect the grid lines of our Earth. Each diamond set into the necklace possesses natural strong fluorescence that lights up the darkness of the night sky under black light. Total diamond weight of the design equals 166ct.

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