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Category: Every Diamonds
Designer: Natalie Alegria
Company: Creations Jewellers Canberra
Retail Value: $8,300

Inspired by Creations Lagoon collection, this diamond ring is designed to be worn and enjoyed for everyday wear.

The gold layered design, accented by pave set diamonds and a satin bead blast and polished finish combination, features the unsung hero of fancy cut diamonds, the marquise.

The central Marquise cut diamond floats down the gold lagoon with glistening diamonds at its shore, to be enjoyed and to endure for all that life brings day to day.

Total diamond weight  = 0.52ct
1 x marquise cut 0.35ct, F, SI2
24 x total weight 0.17ct, round brilliant cut, D-F colour, VS2 – SI1



Category: Everyday Diamonds
Designer: Robert Musson
Company: Musson Jewellers
Retail Value: $10,000

An 18ct white gold, three diamond set pendant featuring sculptured and polished wrought wire and metalwork with 3 central graduating diamonds. The flowing movement and lightness of the wirework creates a combination of negative space and volume in the design which is ultimately designed to be worn and enjoyed every day.

Diamonds    3 x total diamond weight = 1.00ct oval brilliant cut, D-E colour, VVS1 – SI2, Forevermark black label



Category: Diamonds For Men
Designer: Cassandra Nitschke
Company: Bell And Brunt Jewellers
Retail Value: $35,500

A handcrafted 18ct white gold diamonds set Men’s jacket pin designed to be worn as a pocket square. Inspired by the Art Deco style, the pocket square features a combination of natural white princess, tapered baguette, baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds creating a dazzling display for evening wear.

Diamonds    80 x total diamond weight  = 4.313ct, mixed fancy shaped diamonds, F-G colour, VS-SI2.



Category: Diamonds For Men
Designer: Chantelle Green Jeweller: Andrew Want
Company: Calleija
Retail Value: $70,100

An 18ct white gold diamond set collar bar set with round brilliant and half-moon cut diamonds with threaded end caps.

Total diamond weight 3.59ct.



Category: Red Carpet
Designer: Berj Ohanessian
Company: Berjani Jewellers
Retail Value: $76,120

A pair of handcrafted 18ct white gold 2 claw set multi diamond set earrings, each stalk is individually articulated to create a sense of natural movement. Inspired by the flower of the Australian native Callistemon or Bottle Brush.

Total Diamond weight = 12.51ct round brilliant cut F colour, VS, Excellent make



Category: Red Carpet
Designer: Robert Musson
Company: Musson Jewellers
Retail Value: $46,880

An 18ct rose gold 17 oval diamond set sculptural right hand ring featuring a natural gradient of fluorescence across the rows of angled white gold claw set oval cut diamonds that are set between the polished rose gold panels. Bloom possesses a metamorphic quality inspired by the concept of an organic design coming to life. The natural fluorescence can be viewed under black light where the designs unique feature can be fully appreciated.

Diamonds    17 x total weight  = 6.17ct, oval cut, D-G colour, IF – SI1 clarity. Forevermark black label diamonds.



Category: Red Carpet
Designer: Jeff Einstein
Company: Jeff Einstein Jewellery
Retail Value: $60,460

An 18ct yellow gold handmade two piece diamond ring set comprised of a solitaire fancy modified step cut kite shaped diamond set ring that interlocks with the fan shaped baguette cut diamond set jacket ring to create a bold red carpet worthy design. The ring set is inspired by the elegant show of a peacock.

Diamonds    1 x 2.14ct modified step cut kite shape, J colour, SI clarity 36 x total weight 1.92ct, graduated tapered baguette diamonds F/G colour, VS clarity.



Category: Design For Diamonds
Designer: Louis Dauxais
Company: Matthew Ely Jewellery
Estimated Retail Value: $9,300,000 If The Design Was To Be Made

A hand rendered sketch design finished in a gouache paint of the conceptual design entitled LE RUBAN D’OR. The design features a handmade fully articulated 18ct white gold setting adorned with a central fancy vivid yellow square radiant cut diamond and 40 fancy yellow Asscher cut diamonds running around the collar section. An additional 170 Asscher cut diamonds in an ombre of white to fancy orange colour  run down the draped tie sections at the front of the collier.



Category: Design For Diamonds
Designer: Alaine Anson
Company: Stephen Dibb Jewellery
Estimated Retail Value: $42,639,304 If The Design Was To Be Made

A hand drawn rendered design finished in pencil and gouache of the conceptual design entitled ORIONID. The design features a platinum, 18ct rose gold and 22ct yellow gold necklace Inspired by the Orionid meteor shower that will pass by the earth again on the evening of 24 October 2023. At the centre is a 13.33 rough pink diamond crystal representing the comet with a cascade of natural white pear, marquise and round brilliant cut diamonds that symbolise the stars, planets and moons of our galaxy set into a waterfall of chains to the front representing the orbits of the planets. Straight falling lines of chain draping down the back reflect the grid lines of our Earth. Each diamond set into the necklace possesses natural strong fluorescence that lights up the darkness of the night sky under black light. Total diamond weight of the design equals 166ct.



Category: Fancy Coloured Diamonds
Designer: Travis Trewarne
Company: Trewarne Fine Diamonds
Retail Value: $100,000

An 18ct rose gold diamond set ring featuring a rare Argyle origin natural fancy intense pink-orange centre pear shaped diamond set into a wide open ellipse of gold set with curved rows of natural pink diamonds to the inside and outside faces. The central diamond is symbolic of an orange sun setting over the Australian landscape of sunburnt hilltops in a rose pink sky. The design is an interpretation of nature’s finest work in a narrative of the bond we have with the earth.
Diamonds:    1 x 0.52ct, pear shape, Argyle fancy intense Orange Pink colour, P1 clarity 134 x total weight 0.50ct round brilliant cut, Argyle natural pink diamonds, 4-5P – 7PP.



Category: Fancy Coloured Diamonds
Designer: Ben Preston Black And Rowan Thin-Smith Jeweller
Company: Creations Jewellers Canberra
Retail Value: $135,900

An 18ct recycled rose and yellow gold and palladium set ring inspired by the emergence of a butterfly from its cocoon. The ring features hand enamelled wing shaped panels enveloped in a series of leaflike structures that are textured and set with a combination of fancy yellow, pink, champagne and white diamonds from which a central brilliant cut champagne coloured diamond surrounded by a sinuous white diamond set thread emerges.
Diamonds:    Total diamond weight = 3.75cts 1 x 2.05ct, round brilliant cut, Argyle champagne C5, SI1 clarity. 3 x total weight 0.209ct, marquise cut, natural fancy intense purplish-pink, SI2-P2 clarity



Category: Fancy Coloured Diamonds
Designer: Nadia Neuman And Burt Muller Jeweller
Company: Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier
Retail Value: $275,000

An 18ct yellow and white gold fully functioning coloured and white diamond set kaleidoscope pendant that can be detached from the ornate necklace that is also set with a combination of fancy cut coloured diamonds. The necklace has been made with interchangeable components to allow versatility in how the piece may be worn.
Diamonds:   Total diamonds weight = 32.26cts Coloured diamonds  = 23.49cts total weight, including natural champagne, yellow, cognac, orange, blue and pink diamonds of various cuts including rough yellow diamond ocatahedra, single cognac diamond octahedron, champagne diamond macle, bi-colour rough, 6 fancy yellow, pear-shaped, old rose cuts and pink and blue round brilliant cut diamonds White diamonds = 8.77ct total weight, baguette cut and round brilliant cut.




Category: Solitaire Diamonds
Designer: Travis Trewarne
Company: Trewarne Fine Diamonds
Retail Value: $11,000

An 18ct palladium white gold solitaire diamond ring set with an Argyle natural white pear shaped diamond that is enveloped by a highly polished oval open ellipse. The design has been inspired by the cycles of life, the endless ebb and flow of the seasons, of growth and decay in an endless circle of decline and renewal embodying the deep connection between humanity and the natural world.
Diamond:    1 x 0.50ct, Argyle Pear shape, D colour, VS1 clarity.



Category: Solitaire Diamonds
Designer: Benjamin Tracy
Company: Finelines Jewellers
Retail Value: $19,980

A handmade platinum solitaire diamond set ring featuring an end set marquise cut diamond running across the finger with a swept up sculptural shoulder detail.
Diamond:    1 x 1.00ct, Marquise cut, D colour, SI2.

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