So, what are the important features to look for in jewellery insurance….? Comprehensive, all risk global cover inside and away from home for loss or accidental damage; The ability to have lost items replaced by your jeweller of choice; The level of excess payable if you experience a loss and need to make a claim; […]

Once you have chosen the insurance cover for your jewellery it is important to ensure that you have an up to date insurance valuation for each item. The value should also be reviewed at least every two years to ensure it is still current and adequate and adjusted in the policy value. With some items […]

While shopping for jewellery insurance it is important to understand that not all insurance cover offers the same level of benefit should you ever need to lodge a claim. Many general insurers offer a basic level of cover for valuables as part of a home and contents policy. However, unless the items are specified separately […]

Insurance under home and contents cover may not be possible if you are just starting out and are yet to have a property policy to attach your jewellery items to. This is particularly relevant to recently engaged couples who are often young and yet to move into their first home. It is also important to […]