“There has been a real swing towards ‘casual luxury’ – day-to-night diamonds that are wearable in any circumstance, whether you’re going out to dinner or going to a Pilates class. That can mean choosing more unusual diamond shapes or layering up a number of diamond tennis bracelets. It’s a definite shift from the traditional big, […]

“The more extravagant, the better. Having just completed the wedding tiara, I’d love to create a truly dramatic diamond necklace. A piece fit for royalty, that you would see in a cabinet but certainly wouldn’t wear every day. That’s the dream!”

“I have two pieces that immediately spring to mind – one that was created for a wedding (in fact, for my wedding) 10 years ago, and another that “walked down the aisle” this year. The first piece is incredibly close to my heart; a diamond hairpiece with a detachable brooch bow that was inspired by […]

“I’m inspired by their never-ending sparkle! Diamonds are wonderful to work with, as their remarkable durability allows for increased creativity in design, the cutting of unusual shapes and styles. Of course, they are also available in a broad colour palette, which adds to their spectacular potential.”