“Jewellery is in my blood. My family has been in business since 1974, and I essentially grew up in my father’s Penrith boutique. I started working in the store when I was 12 years old, cleaning the workshop and doing bits and pieces. It was there that I developed a true love for the industry, from the interaction with clients to the sparkle of precious stones. Dad was always my mentor and biggest supporter. He gave me the creative freedom and confidence to learn and grow as a jeweller under his guidance.

After finishing school at 18, I took an apprenticeship to really hone my craft, while also winning a few competitions. This eventually led to a scholarship from the Australian Overseas Foundation, which gave me the opportunity to work and train in London for 18 months, learning from some of the best in the industry. The skills and experience I gained there were invaluable, with a focus on technique and the design of true luxury pieces.

That was a major turning point. Returning to Australia, I was honoured to win the Fancy Colour Award at the 2013 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards. I was still working for dad at the time, but on a pathway to launch my own business and store, with his unwavering support. That dream came to fruition in 2014, with the opening of my first luxury boutique and workshop on Ocean St in Sydney’s Woollahra.

Five years later, after buying out Dad’s share of the business so I could work independently (although we definitely still help each other out as needed!), I relocated to our current boutique in Queen St. It was, and continues to be, all about having an open space workshop which allows clients to watch their jewellery being crafted by hand. That was three years ago, and I haven’t looked back!”