CEOGOOD DESIGN AUSTRALIA Dr Brandon Gien is the CEO of Good Design Australia, Chair of the Australian Good Design Awards, and Deputy Chair of the Australian Design Council. This is Brandon’s third time judging the Diamond Guild Jewellery Awards.  Creative DirectorCARLA ZAMPATTI  Karlie Ungar is a multi-disciplinary designer across fashion and interior design. With expertise in shaping and […]

What are the key elements to consider when designing an award-winning diamond jewellery piece that stands out from the rest? I begin by thinking about what I want to make eg ring or earrings or bracelet etc and also which category I may be interested in entering. From there I just start sketching shapes and […]

What are the key elements to consider when designing an award-winning diamond jewellery piece that stands out from the rest? For me it is always innovation of setting! Creating a new technique to secure the diamond to enhance its brilliance or shape is the starting point. I then sculpt the rest of the piece around […]

What are the key elements to consider when designing an award-winning diamond jewellery piece that stands out from the rest? The purpose of the Diamond Guild Jewellery Awards is to be ground-breaking! Instead of following the crowd with imitations you are at the forefront of creating a new design trend. I believe there are several […]

This month we meet up with one of our boutique designer jewellers from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Jeff Einstein. Although now firmly a proud and award winning member of the Australian Jewellery industry, Jeff’s love of jewellery started at a young age in his homeland South Africa. Tell us the story of how you […]

‘It has been wonderful to see so many people appreciating the fancy shapes and various colours that diamonds come in. There has also been a return to yellow gold as the metal of choice. Many trending designs have accents of small fancy shape diamonds which creates interest and individuality.’

‘I would always ensure that you receive an guarantee that the diamond you are purchasing has been ethically sourced. I would also stress how important it is to be able to view a gem in person prior to purchasing to appreciate the ‘soul’ of the diamond. Choosing to buy a diamond from a jeweller who […]

‘I love that no two diamonds are exactly alike. From a design point of view, today there are so many wonderful shapes and colours in diamonds to inspire our designs. It is great to have the opportunity to select some of the more unusual diamonds and then to be able to handcraft pieces to showcase […]

‘Everyone is familiar with the “4C’s” of diamonds however we like to be able to offer our clients more than simply the basics of diamond knowledge. We have what we call the “4 E’s” – that is Experience, Education, Ethical practices and most importantly a wealth of Expertise in all area of purchasing a piece […]

Since the first diamond was discovered thousands of years ago, mankind has been mesmerised by these most spectacular and precious of natural gemstones. Revered for their unmatched ability to scintillate and reflect light, their durability, rarity and earth-borne origin ensuring that they have become the most precious of gemstones to this day. The physical properties […]

The true beauty of a diamond can only be realised in the eye of the beholder. Diamonds that may seem to have good credentials can still appear glassy and dull if their cut is not of the highest standard. The tiniest variation in dimensions can be very important to the way a diamond sparkles. As […]

Diamond Guild Australia members recommend you purchase a diamond because you love it. Given that diamond prices have been increasing for the last 15-20 years, it is unlikely that diamonds will ever lose their value. However, no – one can predict which way the market will swing. Therefore, unless you are an experienced diamond trader, […]

Your Diamond Guild Australia jeweller would be delighted to clean your diamond ring whenever you wish. At home, commercially prepared jewellery cleaner is suitable as is washing up liquid – in fact, anything that can cut grease. Ask your Diamond Guild Australia member the best way to clean your diamond.

Only a very small percentage of diamonds are sourced from the conflict areas of Africa. Diamond Guild Australia retailers are careful about their sources and concerned about the issue of conflict diamonds. As such Diamond Guild Australia members all purchase diamonds from suppliers who adhere to the Kimberley Process System of Warranties (see Kimberley Process […]

With an eye for design and attention to detail, Creations Jeweller’s renovated shop highlights their point of difference in the jewellery industry…..handmade on the premises. Now customers can observe the age-old technique of handmaking jewellery through the glassed in workshop, front and centre in their retail space. From forging, melting, drawing and rolling down metals, […]

The gift of jewellery has always been an enduring symbol to mark significant life events – from 21st birthdays to engagements, the birth of a baby to wedding anniversaries. Perhaps now, more than ever, a special piece of jewellery may be the most suitable way to celebrate when big parties are not feasible and distance […]

So, what are the important features to look for in jewellery insurance….? Comprehensive, all risk global cover inside and away from home for loss or accidental damage; The ability to have lost items replaced by your jeweller of choice; The level of excess payable if you experience a loss and need to make a claim; […]

Once you have chosen the insurance cover for your jewellery it is important to ensure that you have an up to date insurance valuation for each item. The value should also be reviewed at least every two years to ensure it is still current and adequate and adjusted in the policy value. With some items […]

While shopping for jewellery insurance it is important to understand that not all insurance cover offers the same level of benefit should you ever need to lodge a claim. Many general insurers offer a basic level of cover for valuables as part of a home and contents policy. However, unless the items are specified separately […]

Diamond jewellery carries not only the promise of becoming a family heirloom, but a physical connection between generations knowing that the diamond has touched the skin of previous wearers and is charged with emotion and memories. Rohan Jewellers is privileged to reinvent generational pieces for modern times, from vintage jewellery to engagement rings – pieces […]