What are the key elements to consider when designing an award-winning diamond jewellery piece that stands out from the rest?

The purpose of the Diamond Guild Jewellery Awards is to be ground-breaking! Instead of following the crowd with imitations you are at the forefront of creating a new design trend.

I believe there are several key elements to consider and include when designing an award-winning diamond jewellery piece. The design itself should be innovative, it must have a point of difference and the major key factor for me, is ultimately that the jewellery piece must be beautiful in every way.


What role does storytelling play in creating an award-winning diamond jewellery design, and how do you as a designer communicate the inspiration behind your creation?

Storytelling is an important part of any design process and sharing the inspiration behind a creation can give the design a deeper meaning. For me, how I create, and design an award-winning diamond jewellery piece is that the idea just flows. My designs are spontaneous and innovative, which allows my design to cultivate an authentic narrative that people can either relate to or aspire to.