Diamond jewellery carries not only the promise of becoming a family heirloom, but a physical connection between generations knowing that the diamond has touched the skin of previous wearers and is charged with emotion and memories. Rohan Jewellers is privileged to reinvent generational pieces for modern times, from vintage jewellery to engagement rings – pieces […]

Art Deco design is still probably the most easily recognised due to its unique characteristics. White Metal Settings Typically set in white metals such as platinum and white gold, the settings of Art Deco pieces are generally fine and precise to show off the arrangement of stones in geometric patterns. The use of the malleable […]

Following the period of Austerity of World War I, Art Deco jewellery reflected the new mood. Women, who had been empowered during the war to take on traditional male employment, had a new sense of liberty and purpose. The suffocating social restrictions of the Edwardian period gave way to a desire for freedom of movement, […]