No precise estimate of the value of this 5.51 carat stone exists but its incredible rarity means it takes top spot in this Billionaires countdown. The Ocean Dream was the first, and remains one of only a miniscule number, to be classed as fancy deep-blue green in colour. It gained its unique colour after being […]

Worth an astonishing $350 million, the Hope Diamond is a blue stone that is 45.52 carats in size and according to legend, it is cursed because so many people associated with it have died. The Hope Diamond is believed to have been mined in India in the 17th Century and was taken to France, where […]

This fancy intense pink is 24.78 carats in size and is valued at $46 million. It was once owned by the legendary jeweller Harry Winston. It was sold at auction by Sotheby’s in 2010 and is now owned by collector Laurence Graff. It has been described as one of the greatest diamonds ever discovered. The […]

This vivid pink diamond is valued at $25 million and is 59.60 carats – the largest vivid pink diamond known to exist. Previously known as the Steinmetz Pink, it was found in De Beers’ South African mine in 1999 and took expert diamond cutters 20 months to cut and shape. It was sold privately to […]

This royal diamond is a blue stone that is believed to have originated in India. It was once part of both the Bavarian and Austrian Crown Jewels. But the diamond that exists today is markedly different to the blue stone that was once owned by royalty. It was substantially recut by Laurence Graff, who paid […]

The $16 million Heart of Eternity diamond is a 27.64 carat fancy vivid blue, originally discovered in South Africa at the Premier Diamond Mine. It was one of diamonds on display at the Millennium Dome in London in 2000 that were the subject of a failed heist. The diamond was cut into its distinctive heart […]

Sold at auction for $10.9 million in 2011, just a year after it was found in South Africa, the Cora Sun-Drop Diamond is the world’s most expensive vivid fancy yellow diamond. The gemstone is pear-shaped and 110.3 carats in size. It went under the hammer at Sotheby’s in Geneva to a mystery telephone bidder. Because […]

This $7.3 million 25 carat green diamond is a cushion-cut stone which is believed to have originated in South Africa. The stone is said to be the finest modern example of a green diamond. The stone was put up for sale by Swiss jeweller de Grisogono in 2006 as part of a white gold ring […]

This 5.11 carat diamond is valued at $7 million and is a fancy red stone. It is the biggest fancy red ever to be classified but at 5.11 carats, it’s actually quite small compared to some of the other gems on this countdown. Previously known as the Red Shield Diamond, it was discovered in the […]

Worth an estimated $3 million, the Allnatt Diamond is a fancy intense yellow example of the gemstone and is 101.29 carats in size. It’s named after the British businessman Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, who owned it during the 1950s. Mystery surrounds its origins before he purchased the stone, but it is believed to have been […]