It is fair to say I have had a blessed life and achieved many things. I am most proud of my wonderful family and the network of close friends we have developed. After that in a sporting sense some of my finest moments have been the many victories we have enjoyed in competitive offshore sailing. […]

In all aspects of our lives, buying quality reaps its own reward. Allow trained consultants from reputable firms of long standing to explain the variables between cut, colour and size. Work out which diamond attributes are most important to you and your partner, without greatly sacrificing other attributes. Set a budget, but be prepared to […]

At J Farren-Price there are a few factors which make choosing your diamond with us a unique experience. At the buying level, we exercise the utmost discernment. Only the very best diamonds make it into our Salon for viewing. We also have highly trained staff, some of whom have been with us for many years. […]