Art Deco design is still probably the most easily recognised due to its unique characteristics.

White Metal Settings

Typically set in white metals such as platinum and white gold, the settings of Art Deco pieces are generally fine and precise to show off the arrangement of stones in geometric patterns. The use of the malleable metal platinum allows the setting to be made to be very minimal. New methods of stone setting such as invisible and pave setting allow the metal to virtually disappear completely between the stones.

Step Cut Diamonds

The cut of diamonds featured in Art Deco jewellery design is dominated by the step cut shapes such as Emerald, carre and baguette cut. The straight lines and symmetrical shapes lend themselves to the strong geometric lines of Art Deco design.

Multiple Stones

Art deco jewellery design typically favours the use of multiple stones over a solitaire in order to create geometric design elements and maximum impact. Repetition of a shape of stone is a popular way to create the symmetry of the style.


Many original Art Deco pieces were designed to be worn in several different ways, incorporating clever hidden fittings to adapt the piece. This allowed the jeweller to showcase his precision and technical skill in the crafting of a piece and had the benefit of creating pieces that could be worn for many occasions. Many modern day statement pieces in the Art Deco style also may incorporate this adaptability – Brooches that become earrings, rings that transform into pendants.


The low, flat settings of Art Deco style jewellery allow these pieces to be infinitely practical and highly wearable. Jewellery that can be worn everyday rather than reserved for special occasions.

Dazzling Sparkle

The use of multiple stones in Art Deco inspired jewellery ensures that every piece is a showstopper maximising the brilliant sparkle catching the eye with every movement.

The bold symmetry, straight geometry and almost architectural elements of Art Deco design create a distinctive style that is as appealing today as it was in the 1920’s. Elegant, sophisticated and unique, Art Deco is a design trend that continues to be referenced in contemporary jewellery and remains as popular as it was 100 years ago.