What are the key elements to consider when designing an award-winning diamond jewellery piece that stands out from the rest?

I begin by thinking about what I want to make eg ring or earrings or bracelet etc and also which category I may be interested in entering. From there I just start sketching shapes and forms and see where that leads me and usually that then evolves into a 3D image of the design in my mind… I can see it, I visualise it and then sketch out the final design and the logistics of how it will work as a piece of wearable jewellery and create it from there.


What role does storytelling play in creating an award-winning diamond jewellery design, and how do you as a designer communicate the inspiration behind your creation?

Storytelling does play a certain role but it’s usually based on what captures my attention visually and stays in my mind, and from there begins the inspiration and therefore the story I want to communicate through my design.