What are the key elements to consider when designing an award-winning diamond jewellery piece that stands out from the rest?

For me it is always innovation of setting! Creating a new technique to secure the diamond to enhance its brilliance or shape is the starting point. I then sculpt the rest of the piece around this. This process ensures the design is both innovative and unique. 


What role does storytelling play in creating an award-winning diamond jewellery design, and how do you as a designer communicate the inspiration behind your creation?

A good story can definitely enhance a piece, but it cannot cover over design flaws. I believe a winning design must be striking and challenging on first impression, but it must also be seen as imminently wearable. It must capture your attention and then make you want to put it on to truly experience it. Jewellery is purely made to be worn, if it doesn’t look like you can wear it, it can’t be a winning jewellery design.