Heart shaped diamonds possess 59 facets and  are based on a brilliant cutting pattern. However, unlike the uniform round brilliant cut, releasing the potential brilliance and optimal size of a heart shaped gem is left to the discretion of the cutter to choose the dimensions of the heart to achieve the highest quality diamond from the crystal rough.

An ideal Heart shaped diamond should possess a height to width ratio of 1:1  and it is crucial that the symmetry of both sides of the stone is perfect to ensure each facet is aligned to return the maximum amount of light. As with other fancy cuts such as the Oval, Heart shaped diamonds may possess a ‘bow tie’ effect across the widest part of the stone – this should not be considered an imperfection unless the effect significantly impacts on the stones appearance. Where individual Heart shaped diamonds may differ is in the proportion of the elements of the shape – the depth of the cleft, the roundness of the shoulders or lobes at the top or the sharpness of the point. This is where a Heart shaped diamond expresses its unique personality.