It is important to focus on the true origin of an earth borne diamond – each a beautiful, rare natural phenomenon, individual and of truly natural provenance worthy of celebrating the significant milestones of life.

A natural diamond will appreciate and be appreciated over time for its rarity – its value reflecting its unique qualities and earth born origins. A synthetic, factory produced diamond has no real rarity, more can always be created and as technology improves, the cost of manufacture should decrease – which reflects the value of the factory born alternative.

When considering the environmentally responsible choice of a diamond it is vital to research well and understand all the facts relevant to the impact that the production of a natural diamond has when compared to the synthetic alternative.

On the surface, a man-made stone may seem ‘earth friendly’ but remember to take into consideration the true carbon footprint of creating in a factory as opposed to the retrieval of natural earth borne diamonds formed billions of years ago as well as the social benefits to local communities.