Whatever the milestone event, a great piece of jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate life’s important moments.

Traditionally jewellery has been the gift of choice for big occasions- big birthdays, the birth of a child, anniversaries or long anticipated retirement have been popular times for a jewellery purchase – usually from a loved one as a lasting symbol of an important time.

But what about a little self-congratulations or spoiling once and a while?

There is no rule that jewellery must be a gift and there is nothing more satisfying than choosing that perfect diamond piece for yourself whether it be to mark a special time in life or just because you can.

More enduring than a handbag, enjoyed longer than a holiday, a piece of jewellery will be a forever reminder of a personal achievement or self-appreciation.

When Diamond Guild Australia member jeweller Julian Farren-Price was asked what women are most likely to purchase for themselves he commented ‘We are definitely seeing strong demand for bracelets and necklaces. It is nice to see empowered women happy to shop for themselves and not wait for jewellery to be gifted.’

‘I think one of the most important considerations to have top of mind when purchasing jewellery for yourself is to not be too influenced by others. Be confident in your own ideas and taste but of course be open to the professional advice and experience of your jeweller.’

The most popular pieces many women choose for themselves are those pieces that can be worn every day and enjoyed. Many women also choose to remodel pieces that have been inherited or that have been lying unworn for a period of time – creating a new piece that better reflects their personal style.


Whatever the reason, or for no reason at all, buying your own special treasure is the ultimate luxury that every woman should experience at least once…