Currently, engagement ring design is reflecting a trend towards greater personal expression. 

While the classic Round Brilliant cut is still the most popular choice, many more couples are choosing “fancy” shapes such as Oval, Pear and Emerald cut, and to a lesser extent, Marquise.

We have seen growing interest in Oval diamonds as an alternative to round.

Popular styles are the “Solitaire” (a single diamond on its own) and “Halo” (a main diamond is surrounded by a frame of smaller diamonds).

These two styles focusing on a single, central diamond represent at least 75-80% of engagement rings sold today, while 3-stone designs would be the next most popular option.

Though the white metals – Platinum and White Gold – have reigned supreme over the past 15 years or so, we are seeing a renewed interest in the warmer tones of Rose and Yellow gold.

Rose gold in particular has been a popular choice in recent years and we see no indication of that trend slowing. More people however are also choosing to embellish their rings with some fine engraving, etching or personal motifs to further enhance its unique style.