New Brisbane Store for Stephen Dibb Jewellery

Diamond Guild Australia member Stephen Dibb Jewellery has opened a new store in Brisbane’s oldest and most prestigious arcades joining some of Brisbane’s best fashion designers and specialty stores. The beautiful arcade opened in 1924 and was heritage listed in 1992.

I’ve always wanted to open a store in the inspiring Brisbane Arcade. For Brisbane people this arcade has always been associated with the best of the best so to be offered this location meant a lot to us. The arcade is an Art Deco masterpiece steeped in a controversial history of ghosts and murder. The famous Mayne family who build the arcade has a long history of philanthropy including donating the land for the establishment of the University of Queensland, our first university. Their good works continue today with the Brisbane Arcade being a Trust and the proceeds benefiting medical research. My wife Lisa & I are passionate about paying our good fortunate forward so this adds to our love of the arcade.”

Visit Stephen & his team in Brisbane City at the Brisbane Arcade or his two other locations at Cleveland or Holland Park.