The Argyle Octavia is the largest-ever gem quality white diamond the Western Australian Argyle mine has ever produced, at 28.84 carats. It is named for its perfect octahedral (eight-sided) shape. The Argyle Octavia yielded three diamonds in the cutting process, a 17.18 carat princess cut diamond, and two heart cuts of 1.71 and 0.52 carats. All three were used together to create one incredible piece.

What is so special about The Argyle Octavia?

What makes Argyle Octavia so very special is its extraordinary rarity. It was unearthed in the very last years of the Argyle mine’s 37-year history – the mine ceased production on November 3, 2020.

“The extraordinary Octavia, a perfectly-formed white diamond seems like nature’s last lunge at life, as the Argyle Mine, so famous for its pink diamonds, prepares to close. A captivating anomaly, a rare and sublime white diamond amongst the Argyle cognacs and pinks, it seems to be a confirmation of the profound spirituality of the sacred ground in which the diamond was formed, billions of years ago. The perfect octahedral shape of the Octavia, an extreme rarity in itself, tells of the sacred geometry of nature. For all these reasons, the Octavia is destined to become one of the great historic diamonds of the future,” says international jewellery historian and expert, Vivienne Becker.

“It is staggeringly rare for the Argyle mine to produce a white diamond crystal like this, a genuine anomaly unearthed so late in the mine’s life,” says Musson creative director, Olivar Musson.

The three-piece ring is designed in platinum and 18ct rose gold to showcase the size and shape of the extraordinary main diamond but also features a cornucopia of rare Argyle pink diamonds on the two other bands as a homage to both the mine and the Musson family’s history of working with Argyle gems.

“We wanted the ring to be wearable every day,” says Olivar. “It is designed so the best view is from the point of view of the owner, looking down at the art, this amazing diamond, on their hand.”

Musson, a family-owned, Sydney-based business, has been supplying the world with award-winning, rare and enduring jewellery for almost 50 years.

“This is one of our proudest moments,” said Musson founder Robert Musson. “To be able to bring the Argyle Octavia to the world is an honour. Making rare and beautiful jewellery is in our soul. Jewellery is both important and intimate. It’s exciting to know the piece is going to play a huge role in someone’s life.”

Musson is an Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier, one of a few worldwide authorised to trade Argyle diamonds.