‘It has been wonderful to see so many people appreciating the fancy shapes and various colours that diamonds come in. There has also been a return to yellow gold as the metal of choice. Many trending designs have accents of small fancy shape diamonds which creates interest and individuality.’

‘I would always ensure that you receive an guarantee that the diamond you are purchasing has been ethically sourced. I would also stress how important it is to be able to view a gem in person prior to purchasing to appreciate the ‘soul’ of the diamond. Choosing to buy a diamond from a jeweller who […]

‘I love that no two diamonds are exactly alike. From a design point of view, today there are so many wonderful shapes and colours in diamonds to inspire our designs. It is great to have the opportunity to select some of the more unusual diamonds and then to be able to handcraft pieces to showcase […]

‘Everyone is familiar with the “4C’s” of diamonds however we like to be able to offer our clients more than simply the basics of diamond knowledge. We have what we call the “4 E’s” – that is Experience, Education, Ethical practices and most importantly a wealth of Expertise in all area of purchasing a piece […]