Some of the most important fancy colored stones sold at auction come from the depths of bank vaults. Estate jewellery is a small but prestigious source of extremely fine fancy colour diamonds, according to Gary Schuler, director of Sotheby’s New York jewellery department. “Yes,” he says, “people are coming in with things from their vaults. […]

Whatever the milestone event, a great piece of jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate life’s important moments. Traditionally jewellery has been the gift of choice for big occasions- big birthdays, the birth of a child, anniversaries or long anticipated retirement have been popular times for a jewellery purchase – usually from a loved one […]

Art Deco design is still probably the most easily recognised due to its unique characteristics. White Metal Settings Typically set in white metals such as platinum and white gold, the settings of Art Deco pieces are generally fine and precise to show off the arrangement of stones in geometric patterns. The use of the malleable […]

Following the period of Austerity of World War I, Art Deco jewellery reflected the new mood. Women, who had been empowered during the war to take on traditional male employment, had a new sense of liberty and purpose. The suffocating social restrictions of the Edwardian period gave way to a desire for freedom of movement, […]

In all aspects of our lives, buying quality reaps its own reward. Allow trained consultants from reputable firms of long standing to explain the variables between cut, colour and size. Work out which diamond attributes are most important to you and your partner, without greatly sacrificing other attributes. Set a budget, but be prepared to […]

I have an amazing team ranging in age and all bringing their own expertise to the business –these include jewellery designers and now a talented group of master jewellers including Head jeweller Derek has been with me since opening.  I work closely with all overseeing each order and getting to know our clients personally.

“Growing up in a jewellery family, diamonds and gemstones were always kind of familiar but it was only after finishing high school, when I went to study gemmology at the GIA in Santa Monica, that I really became interested in diamonds. The more you learn and the more experience you have with them, the more […]

Colour Diamonds come in a variety of hues. Diamonds in the usual colour range range from colourless to light yellow to brown. Colourless diamonds are the most valuable within that spectrum since they are the rarest. They established the benchmark for grading and pricing normal colour diamonds. Clarity Internal features called inclusions and surface abnormalities […]

Diamonds are nearly as old as the world and form deep in the earth’s core over billions of years. Only a small percentage of diamonds survive the journey from the depths of the earth to the surface of the planet, where they can be mined. No two diamonds are alike, and each has its own […]

Natural diamonds were first discovered in India around the 4th century BC. The Silk Road, a network of trade routes connecting India and China, was used to carry the majority of these early stones. Diamonds were prized at the time of their discovery for their strength and brilliance, as well as their ability to refract […]

Before they’re cut and polished, diamonds look like hazy pebbles. For centuries, their chemical makeup and structure remained unknown. Diamonds were initially discovered to be made up of carbon, the fourth most abundant element, thanks to Isaac Newton’s investigations in the 1600s. Carbon, it turns out, exists in two common forms, both of which have […]