This month we chat with Diamond Guild member and talented jeweller Rohan Milne of Rohan Jewellers. We discuss jewellery trends, design and his inspiration.

What inspired you to become a jeweller?

I started collecting rocks at a very early age where I grew up, in the hills above Perth.

I would forage for hours in the creek beds for anything that was remotely interesting.

Once I started thinking about my career options, I was leaning towards Geology to continue my love of rocks, however my high school had a speciality in manual arts and Jewellery Making and this opened the doors to the world of jewellery. They say that one teacher can change or inspire your career path and this was certainly the case for me. Thanks Mr Hughes.

How would you describe the jewellery you create?

The jewellery we design and handcraft at Rohan Jewellers is wearable and comfortable while still pushing the creative boundaries. We are inspired by varying eras and styles, however a modern Art Deco theme is often what runs through our designs.

What do you feel is so special about diamonds?

It’s the myriad and depth of colour that inspire me. From a practical and wearability perspective, they hard and enduring, making them the perfect stone for heirloom jewellery.

What achievement are you most proud of?

My most proud achievement to date (other than my wife and two daughters) is building a business that is a creative hub where people feel comfortable to explore their ideas in a relaxed and collaborative environment. We have assembled a team of cool, talented, interested individuals who work with me to create beautifully designed bespoke, handcrafted jewellery. We work hard to keep the traditional methods of handcrafted jewellery alive and are constantly pushing the envelope with what is possible.

If you had to design a your fantasy piece, what would it be?

A fantasy piece? We do it every day. I think I am lucky to be given the opportunity to make amazing pieces that I would have thought of as a fantasy when I was an apprentice. What is better than being paid to be creative and push those design boundaries every day.

Do you see any current trends in the industry?

Provenance and transparency. Our clients like to understand the journey of their jewellery – knowing where the diamonds have come from, who has made it and they love gaining insight into the handcrafting process.

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