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“Ballare” 18ct Rose & White Gold, Argyle Pink & White Diamond Cluster Ring


Reminiscent of a ballerina’s tutu while in motion, this 18ct rose and white gold cluster ring features a centrepiece round brilliant cut white diamond, weighing 0.51ct. The centre stone is surrounded by 10 round brilliant cut Argyle pink diamonds, weighing 0.49ct.

The outer cluster is set with pear-shape white diamonds, weighing 0.58ct.

The ring is pave set with graduating round brilliant cut white diamonds. It features a highly detailed Cathedral window pierced on the underside.

Argyle Pink Diamonds are rarer and more valuable than ever before, with the 2020 closure of Rio Tinto Argyle mine in Western Australia. In operation for 27 years, the mine was responsible for 90% of the world pink diamonds, not to mention the most vivid and high-quality stones in existence.

Since the doors of his luxury jewellery boutique and workshop opened on Ocean Street in Sydney’s Woollahra in August 2014, Matthew Ely has firmly established himself as a leading luxury jewellery designer and gemmologist in Australia.

Matthew works closely with clients to create unique pieces that often become prized assets and precious family heirlooms. Using his expertise, comprehensive knowledge and resources, he sources some of the rarest and most precious diamonds and gemstones in the world


Matthew has accumulated his own following of clients with an appreciation for bespoke, luxury design. His Woollahra boutique, now located on Queen Street, is a truly unique space for personalised consultations with his high-end clientele.

It’s not simply the jewel, but the experience behind it. I want to educate my clients on the complex world of gems and diamonds; how and where they are sourced, before being handcrafted into fine jewellery. My boutique is designed to evoke trust, creativity, and a shared appreciation for wearable art.

– Matthew Ely

The architecture of the Matthew Ely Jewellery boutique is open, safe, transparent and enchanting with its hues of pink, blue, silver and gold. The atmosphere is inviting, complete with sides of handmade chocolate and French champagne, encouraging clients to participate in the design and creative process of their bespoke jewellery creations.


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