That hasn’t stopped investors from snapping them up at auction and sending prices skyrocketing. In October a new world record was set at a Sotheby’s sale in Hong Kong when an 8.41-carat pink diamond sold for $17,768,041 (£11,438,714) – more than $2.1m (£1.8m) a carat. “Everybody’s talking about them, and everybody loves them,” says Jeffrey […]

The 30th Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender collection comprises 55 diamonds, including 51 pink and purplish red diamonds and the four Fancy Red diamonds. Only 13 Fancy Red diamonds, including the four from this year, have been included in the annual in the 30 years of the tender. The hero of the 2014 collection is a […]

When it comes to pink diamonds, there is a reliable producer and a dominant one but the diamonds are relatively small. Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Western Australia yields 20 million carats of diamonds in an array of brownish tones. Occasionally, a pink diamond is discovered. Josephine Johnson, manager of Argyle Pink Diamonds, says, “Less […]

This vivid pink diamond is valued at $25 million and is 59.60 carats – the largest vivid pink diamond known to exist. Previously known as the Steinmetz Pink, it was found in De Beers’ South African mine in 1999 and took expert diamond cutters 20 months to cut and shape. It was sold privately to […]

This 5.11 carat diamond is valued at $7 million and is a fancy red stone. It is the biggest fancy red ever to be classified but at 5.11 carats, it’s actually quite small compared to some of the other gems on this countdown. Previously known as the Red Shield Diamond, it was discovered in the […]

In the remote Arctic Tundra of Canada, the impact of diamond mining on the wild environment has been negligible due to the strict recovery practices of the regulations that govern the industry. Continual planned management by environmental scientists ensures that the recovery process includes complete restoration of the land and protection of the wildlife and […]

Rio Tinto employees, traditional owners and other stakeholders attended a small event at the mine on Tuesday afternoon to formally cease operations. Where is the Argyle diamond mine? Located about 3000 kilometres north of Perth, Argyle became famous for its consistent stream of rare and striking pink diamonds and with its closure 90 per cent […]

The Mondial story began in 1962 when Fred and Maria Neuman opened a jewellery store called Carina Jewellers on Darlinghurst Road in the fashionable East Sydney area known as Kings Cross. There are currently 2 Mondial Boutiques – Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier, established in the iconic Queen Victoria Building for over 25 years and Mondial […]

Here are six famous diamonds. THE CULLINAN 3106ct rough weight Origin: South Africa, Transvaal On January 26, 1905, the Cullinan, the world’s largest gem-quality diamond, was discovered at the Premier Mine. THE EUREKA 10.73 carat polished diamond, one of two cut from 21.25 carat rough Oval in shape Yellow is a brilliant colour. Unknown clarity […]