I became a jewellery designer under the guidance of a very talented Sydney Jeweller when I was 18. He took me under his wing and I immediately fell in love with the process of imagining a design, drawing it and actually creating it. Creating fine jewellery was a perfect combination of my passion for art and exceptional craftsmanship and design.

I enjoyed creating intricate pieces that are beautiful from every angle and when I opened our first Calleija boutique in 1984, I dedicated my full attention to designing jewellery I had always envisioned. Taking that risk was a liberating experience and I am incredibly thankful I trusted my instincts.

I was so excited to finally open my first boutique in Queensland and when the day actually arrived, I opened it wish such pride and anticipation. We went all day without one person coming into the store. Then finally a gentleman from the US purchased an opal piece for $3500 — I was so shocked and so thankful. Calleija has come a long way and I am so proud we are known for our undeniable dedication to inimitable design with mesmerising details.