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A highly contemporary twist on the classic, a wide band diamond ring can be a practical and stylish alternative to the solitaire. With a focus not just on the diamond but on the craftsmanship and design elements of the ring. A wide band design will often sit lower on the hand and be easy to […]

The process takes approximately 20 to 30 hours on each individual diamond. Firstly, the diamond must be appraised by a cutter to ascertain what will be the best result (the weight and quality from the rough diamond). Then the cutting process starts by laser or saw to get the approximate size of the diamond. Then […]

I love that each diamond is different and unique and all are created by nature not mass manufactured by man. Our team loves being a part of the story behind each diamond-that they are being given to someone with special meaning or to mark life events such as a significant birthday or anniversary. Our designers […]

Established in 1997 James Thredgold Jeweller was founded by namesake James in his hometown of Adelaide shortly after completing his apprenticeship as a manufacturing jeweller. His passion to this day is the designing and crafting of handmade pieces that are individual and personal to his clients style.

The Cut as it has the most impact on a diamond’s brilliance and sparkle among the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity, and carat). If the cut is excessively shallow or deep, even a diamond with perfect clarity (no imperfections or inclusions) will appear glassy or dull. As a result, when choosing a diamond, go for the […]