Since the first diamond was discovered thousands of years ago, mankind has been mesmerised by these most spectacular and precious of natural gemstones. Revered for their unmatched ability to scintillate and reflect light, their durability, rarity and earth-borne origin ensuring that they have become the most precious of gemstones to this day. The physical properties […]

Having a certified diamond typically gives you a respected, independent third party opinion to the quality of the diamond you are purchasing. Make sure the certificate provided with your diamond comes from an international, respected, independent diamond grading laboratory. It is also reassuring to seek the advice of a well informed, trained professional, to ensure […]

With an eye for design and attention to detail, Creations Jeweller’s renovated shop highlights their point of difference in the jewellery industry…..handmade on the premises. Now customers can observe the age-old technique of handmaking jewellery through the glassed in workshop, front and centre in their retail space. From forging, melting, drawing and rolling down metals, […]