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As the ‘Guild of Excellence’, the Diamond Guild Australia is the premier advocate and authority for jewellery consumers. It is the foremost source of credible information and guidance when selecting and purchasing a diamond.

Each member of the Guild has been identified as an industry leader committed to establishing and preserving a benchmark for quality and ethics in the promotion and sale of diamonds. All members are required to uphold the Guilds strict code of professional conduct and are required to demonstrate a commitment to the Australian diamond industry by actively supporting local suppliers and trades people. Members also must maintain the standard of training, education and professionalism within their businesses and offer the highest level of service to their clientele.

To ensure the credibility and professional standard of the association is maintained, membership of the Diamond Guild is only by invitation.

To purchase from a member of the Diamond Guild Australia provides the assurance and peace of mind of dealing with a professional, ethical and service oriented jeweller who actively upholds a standard of excellence.

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