We are an association of industry leaders, committed to establishing and preserving a benchmark for quality and ethics in the promotion and sale of diamonds throughout Australia.

Diamond Guild Australia
Who we are

Australia's premium diamond guild

  1. Fair trade members

    DGA members own an established business with a history of fair trade.

  2. A reputation of integrity

    DGA members have a reputation for integrity and ethical trade, both within the industry and in the public domain.

  3. Truth in selling

    DGA members advocate “truth in selling” at all times in order to provide an accurate statement of a diamonds quality and characteristics.

  1. Quality service and value

    DGA members are committed to providing you quality service and value.

  2. Certified professionals

    DGA members are trained diamond professionals with recognised qualifications.

  3. Avoiding misleading terms

    DGA members are governed by a strict schedule of constraints in order to avoid the use of misleading terms in regard to the promotion or sale of diamonds.

Diamond Guild members are recognised in the industry and so they are someone who you can trust.

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You can trust Diamond Guild Australia members that everything about your purchase will be first class.

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