“This is a really tough question because there have been many memorable ones although two standout pieces, that represent completely different ends of the spectrum, come to mind.

The first one would be the full circle, vivid yellow diamond band which I gave to my wife as an engagement ring. This may seem a simple task but try finding 18-20 matching, natural vivid yellow brilliant cut diamonds, matching in size! It took about 6 months – and that was well before lockdown, when I had the whole world available!

The second was created for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, a piece we called ‘The Diamond Jubilee Blossom Brooch’. This platinum brooch was designed as a gum blossom and featured a truly amazing pink Argyle Tender stone, 0.89ct 1PP radiant cut diamond we called “Charisse” as the main blossom, more than 80small pinks bezel set in the stamens, and blue diamonds set in tiny little ants in the reverse.

Both pieces are amazing and memorable but in totally different ways.”