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Holdsworth Bros Jewellers is a fourth generation family run jewellery store which started in 1884. Specialising in high quality and unique jewellery, Holdworth Bros Jewellers also manufacture and make engagement and wedding rings to order. Holdsworth Bros Jewellers stock 'Hearts on Fire Diamonds', 'Pink Kimberley Diamonds' and 'Australian Chocolate Diamonds' as well as a fantastic range of natural coloured gemstones and pearls.


Shop 1035 Knox City Shopping Centre Wantirna South Vic 3152 Phone 03 9887 2747 Email: knox@holdsworthbros.com Shop 2075A Eastland Shopping Centre Ringwood Vic 3152 Phone 03 9870 8030 Email: eastland@holdsworthbros.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holdsworthbros/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holdsworthbros/
Web: http://www.holdsworthbros.com

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