The redesign process may lead to a completely unexpected outcome with a design that incorporates your existing stones into a different type of piece, such as a ring into a pair of earrings, or by the addition of other gems to complement and enhance. The important consideration is to ensure that newly remade piece will be loved and worn!

Many jewellery purchasers assume that the metal in an old piece of jewellery is simply melted down and can be easily reused to make the new design. This can sometimes be done but is dependent on the amount of precious metal in the old setting. Old metals require refinement before using these to craft the new piece and as such the amount and quality of precious metal in the old setting may not be of sufficient value to make recycling worthwhile.

Once the new design for your piece is finalised, your stones or piece will be left in the safekeeping of the jewellery store to be incorporated into the newly crafted setting – this may take a number of weeks and will see the design come to life in precious metal and gemstones by a series of artisans including a manufacturing jeweller, diamond setter, polisher and finally, a jewellery valuer who will appraise your new piece for quality and value ready for its final presentation to the wearer.

Remodelling old or unworn jewellery can breathe new life into unloved or outdated pieces. The redesign process can be an exciting journey to create something beautiful and enduring that you can wear and enjoy for years to come or to ensure a sentimental heirloom has longevity.

So why not dig those pieces out from the bottom of the jewellery box and speak to your jeweller about some ideas for how these can be transformed into a treasured new design?