Since the first diamond was discovered thousands of years ago, mankind has been mesmerised by these most spectacular and precious of natural gemstones. Revered for their unmatched ability to scintillate and reflect light, their durability, rarity and earth-borne origin ensuring that they have become the most precious of gemstones to this day. The physical properties […]

It is important to focus on the true origin of an earth borne diamond – each a beautiful, rare natural phenomenon, individual and of truly natural provenance worthy of celebrating the significant milestones of life. A natural diamond will appreciate and be appreciated over time for its rarity – its value reflecting its unique qualities […]

Like fashion, the trend in jewellery ebbs and flows over the years influencing the colour of the metal and the style of setting that is favoured by Brides to Be. You may have noticed that your Mum’s engagement ring is of a style and colour that may be considered less fashionable than what is considered […]

The redesign process may lead to a completely unexpected outcome with a design that incorporates your existing stones into a different type of piece, such as a ring into a pair of earrings, or by the addition of other gems to complement and enhance. The important consideration is to ensure that newly remade piece will […]

Most jewellers are more than happy to meet with you at an initial appointment to discuss the design possibilities and cost of remaking an old piece without obligation – this can be a constructive process that can unlock the potential of a piece and establish a meeting of minds between jeweller and client. A follow […]

Perhaps it is a piece that has been inherited from a loved one and has sentimental value but just doesn’t suit your personal style. For these reasons, or for no other reason that a piece is not worn and loved as it once was, jewellery remodelling can be the answer to those pieces that lie […]

“The more extravagant, the better. Having just completed the wedding tiara, I’d love to create a truly dramatic diamond necklace. A piece fit for royalty, that you would see in a cabinet but certainly wouldn’t wear every day. That’s the dream!”

The Cullinan Diamond The stunning Cullinan diamond is the largest and possibly the most famous gem-quality diamond ever discovered. Sir Thomas Cullinan discovered the raw diamond in South Africa in 1905, and it weighed a massive 3106 carats. The Excelsior Diamond The Excelsior is the third largest rough diamond of gem-quality, weighing 995.20 carats. The […]

Here are some things to look for while identifying raw diamonds. 1. Concentrate On Gravity If you’re looking for a rough diamond, you should be aware of its specific gravity. The density of a diamond varies between 3.5 and 3.53 g/ml, which is the ratio of the stone’s density to a pure liquid with a […]

The hardest natural substance is the diamond. Kimberlite is a form of igneous rock that contains diamonds. The diamond itself is just a crystallised chain of carbon atoms. The tightly packed structure of the carbon chains gives the stone its remarkable toughness. Kimberlite, like other igneous rocks, was created over thousands of years by volcanic […]