The $16 million Heart of Eternity diamond is a 27.64 carat fancy vivid blue, originally discovered in South Africa at the Premier Diamond Mine. It was one of diamonds on display at the Millennium Dome in London in 2000 that were the subject of a failed heist. The diamond was cut into its distinctive heart […]

Oval diamonds lend themselves to elegant, timeless designs, a vintage twist or to a contemporary bold setting that accentuates the elongated shape. Perfect for a ring or drop earrings, oval diamonds are a stylish alternative to the classic round. Due to the variation in the shape of the cut and proportion, oval diamonds should be […]

Oval diamonds do have the magic ability to also appear larger on the hand than a round brilliant cut due to the shallower depth of the stone at the elongated ends. As the stone is cut to optimise the weight and proportion of the finished gem from the rough crystal, less waste occurs during this […]

Unlike round brilliant cut diamonds however, oval diamonds do not follow a rigid faceting pattern or proportion that makes for a uniform finish. The final shape of the stone is determined by the shape of the rough crystal which may lend itself to a long narrow oval or to a shorter wider shape. The oval […]

Diamonds have been cut into elongated oval shapes for hundreds of years however it was not until the 1950’s that the optimal cutting technique was perfect by a renowned Russian diamond cutter to release the maximum brilliance from an oval stone. Today, modern oval diamonds are optimised to maximise the stone weight available from a […]

It is fair to say I have had a blessed life and achieved many things. I am most proud of my wonderful family and the network of close friends we have developed. After that in a sporting sense some of my finest moments have been the many victories we have enjoyed in competitive offshore sailing. […]

Diamond carat weight is a measurement of how much a diamond weighs. 200 milligrammes equals one metric “carat.” 100 ‘points’ are distributed into each carat. This enables measurements to be made to the hundredth decimal place. A jeweller can use the ‘points’ alone to convey the weight of a diamond under one carat. A 0.25 […]