The gift of jewellery has always been an enduring symbol to mark significant life events – from 21st birthdays to engagements, the birth of a baby to wedding anniversaries. Perhaps now, more than ever, a special piece of jewellery may be the most suitable way to celebrate when big parties are not feasible and distance […]

While pink diamonds are eternally popular, there is a growing interest in other natural coloured diamonds such as yellow, blue and the champagne and cognac hues. Whether these are used as accent stones to highlight a main diamond, or as the centre stone of an engagement ring, really depends on the personal taste and price […]

Blues of consequence are among the rarest of the rare among fancy colour diamonds. Since the Cullinan mine in South Africa was acquired by Petra from De Beers in 2008, it has produced six important blue diamonds. The most recent was the stunning 122.52-carat blue, recovered in June 2014, that sold this September for $27.6 […]

No precise estimate of the value of this 5.51 carat stone exists but its incredible rarity means it takes top spot in this Billionaires countdown. The Ocean Dream was the first, and remains one of only a miniscule number, to be classed as fancy deep-blue green in colour. It gained its unique colour after being […]

This royal diamond is a blue stone that is believed to have originated in India. It was once part of both the Bavarian and Austrian Crown Jewels. But the diamond that exists today is markedly different to the blue stone that was once owned by royalty. It was substantially recut by Laurence Graff, who paid […]

This $7.3 million 25 carat green diamond is a cushion-cut stone which is believed to have originated in South Africa. The stone is said to be the finest modern example of a green diamond. The stone was put up for sale by Swiss jeweller de Grisogono in 2006 as part of a white gold ring […]

White diamonds will always be prized for their icy sparkle and brilliance but have you considered adding some colour to your life? Natural diamonds are found in many amazing colours including blue, yellow, champagne, pink and green – many of which have been sourced from Argyle in Western Australia. Adding a coloured diamond accent to […]

While the traditional six claw solitaire diamond ring is the long held favourite for many Brides to Be, you may want to choose a design that reflects your individual style or is unique and less conventional than the classic. Here are some ideas for a brilliantly individual diamond engagement ring you may not have considered…

There were a multitude of methods used to quantify and classify diamonds before the current diamond grading system was implemented. Diamonds were once graded using the letters A, B, and C to indicate their quality in the 1800s. By the late 1800s, diamond quality was denoted by numerals like as I, II, III, and IV, […]

Insurance under home and contents cover may not be possible if you are just starting out and are yet to have a property policy to attach your jewellery items to. This is particularly relevant to recently engaged couples who are often young and yet to move into their first home. It is also important to […]