The true beauty of a diamond can only be realised in the eye of the beholder. Diamonds that may seem to have good credentials can still appear glassy and dull if their cut is not of the highest standard. The tiniest variation in dimensions can be very important to the way a diamond sparkles. As […]

Only a very small percentage of diamonds are sourced from the conflict areas of Africa. Diamond Guild Australia retailers are careful about their sources and concerned about the issue of conflict diamonds. As such Diamond Guild Australia members all purchase diamonds from suppliers who adhere to the Kimberley Process System of Warranties (see Kimberley Process […]

Nestled in the jewel-like Style Arcade in the boutique shopping area of Manuka is where you will find Diamond Guild Australia member jeweller, Creations. Established almost 25 years ago, Creations is a story of family, a shared love and creativity. ‘I joined my mother Michele in the business 25 years ago and fresh out of […]

Yes. The 5th C refers to Certificate. The diamond certification (also known as a grading report) is a document that contains vital information on the diamond’s properties, such as the 4Cs, fluorescence, and other remarks. Untrustworthy jewellers will frequently dismiss this document by saying things like “it’s just a piece of paper” or “you’re buying […]

The top countries in the world that produce diamonds are shown below, based on data from the USGS minerals commodities summary. Country and Diamonds (carats) Russia 23,000,000 Botswana 16,000,000 Canada 13,000,000 Angola 8,500,000 South Africa 7,700,000 Democratic Republic of Congo 3,700,000 Namibia 1,900,000 Lesotho 1,100,000 Australia 340,000 Tanzania 260,000 Brazil 250,000 Zimbabwe 250,000 China 230,000 […]