When selecting a champagne diamond, the depth of the colour is a personal choice but should have a warm golden undertone, saturated colour and be of a high quality cut to release the stones natural brilliance. These diamonds are graded on the conventional clarity, cut and carat weight system but the colour grading is on […]

Often perceived as a low quality white diamond, champagne diamonds are a class of gem unto themselves – coloured by traces of nitrogen in the crystal structure of the stone. The higher the nitrogen content the deeper the warm brown colour resulting in the sought after Cognac hue. The warm natural colour of champagne diamonds […]

Brought to the world’s attention when discovered at the Argyle mine in Western Australia, the term Champagne diamond was coined to refer to the fancy coloured diamonds displaying warm natural colours ranging from pale straw to deep golden brown (also referred to as Cognac diamonds).

My most proud achievement to date (other than my wife and two daughters) is building a business that is a creative hub where people feel comfortable to explore their ideas in a relaxed and collaborative environment. We have assembled a team of cool, talented, interested individuals who work with me to create beautifully designed bespoke, […]

I started collecting rocks at a very early age where I grew up, in the hills above Perth. I would forage for hours in the creek beds for anything that was remotely interesting. Once I started thinking about my career options, I was leaning towards Geology to continue my love of rocks, however my high […]

In his continued pursuit for excellence, Rohan dedicated years studying and practicing the age-old traditions of handcrafted jewellery under the watchful, critical eye of some of the world’s most acclaimed master craftsmen, including Henry Dunay and Giorgio Guccione. With an unwavering commitment to the traditional methods and techniques of handcrafted jewellery, Rohan established Rohan Jewellery […]

Diamond grading is a detailed evaluation of a gem by a qualified professional using the Gemological Institute of America’s 4 Cs system or the American Gem Society’s AGS 0–10 grading scale. You must take a course from a recognised authority in the industry, such as the Gemological Institute of America, to understand how to grade […]