Once you have chosen the insurance cover for your jewellery it is important to ensure that you have an up to date insurance valuation for each item. The value should also be reviewed at least every two years to ensure it is still current and adequate and adjusted in the policy value. With some items […]

Rhys Turner took out the pinnacle award of Jeweller of the Year for his angular and architecturally inspired piece, Facets of Morality. Turner won the Coloured Gemstone award earlier in the evening for the platinum and parti sapphire ring that features multiple finishes including sandblast, polish and emery. He said being recognised among the other […]

The Nizam instructed Elizabeth to choose anything she wanted from Cartier; she selected this long chain with 38 diamonds at its center, plus 13 emerald cut diamonds and a pear-shaped drop. “It was one of the most magnificent wedding presents,” says Leslie Field, author of The Queen’s Jewels. It was the fourth time the Queen […]

Worth an astonishing $350 million, the Hope Diamond is a blue stone that is 45.52 carats in size and according to legend, it is cursed because so many people associated with it have died. The Hope Diamond is believed to have been mined in India in the 17th Century and was taken to France, where […]

BERJANI Jewellers – Winner of numerous jewellery design awards and most recently awarded the Supreme Winner in the 2015 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards. BERJANI was established in 1984 by husband and wife team Berj and Ani Ohanessian. Berj, the creative talent, is the designer and master craftsman for BERJANI. He received his qualifications from […]

We were recently selected by Aston Martin to create an exclusive range of jewellery for their clients. Dealing with one of the world’s coolest brands was quite an honour and to have been chosen from across the other side of the world was extremely humbling. The collection was inspired by the iconic curves and design […]

People really enjoy the unique custom design part of our business and love to sit with our in store artists to design a ring that symbolises both their love for each other as well as a reflection of part of their personality. In a world of mass production to make things easier and quicker for […]

I will always remember designing the ‘Virtual Eros’ diamond mask. Out of 2,500 entries, Calleija was bestowed with the De Beers International Diamond Design Award in 2000. Virtual Eros was designed with 44 carats of brilliant diamonds and was chosen as a personal favourite by Madonna. To see it featured in countless publications and in […]

To work with diamonds is an immense privilege as they are one of nature’s most ancient treasures. Diamonds are the pinnacle of timeless beauty and universally represent endless love and eternal devotion. One of my favourite aspects about working with diamonds, is creating a piece designed to be cherished for generations. To design and create […]

FL, or flawless, is the highest clarity rating for a diamond. Even when examined at 10x magnification, the GIA only grades a diamond as perfect if it has no flaws or blemishes visible to a skilled grader. Things get a little more challenging and subjective when it comes to determining the appropriate clarity grade for […]